Monday, February 15, 2010

3D Georgia Bulldog Cake

Good Afternoon Folks!
Boy O Boy...yes...I'm very late on updating this blog! Thanks to a few good emails, I'm finally trying to update the blog! Typically I update the Facebook Fan page and our website 1st...and the very last on the list is this poor little blog!
Recently, Funky Monkey Cakes created UGA: University of Georgia Bulldog! This cute doggy was O SO Special to create. I found myself sweet talking Uga as I was building him and seeing his features come out!
"Whata boootyful boy U are! Yes U Are! Such a good boy!"
(ummm...Iris...he can't hear you...he's a cake?) But once we built his was all over!
UGA was built with Vanilla cake and cream cheese filling between layers. Whata good cake he was!
3D Cakes are works of art and the scariest part of this art is the fact that they are created from SUGAR!
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Smile!- Iris