Wednesday, July 22, 2009

West Point Cadet's Surprise Birthday Cake and a Wedding Cake!

Hello World !
This is one of the best weeks ever! I would say my week began last Thursday, when we created the Car and the Dino and the week is just getting better! Yesterday we delivered a beautiful surprise cake to a West Point Cadet! His beautiful Mom called us, and you could just hear the love she has for her son. She wanted to give him a birthday party even though she was far away. With the help and wonderful coordination of Holiday Inn, we set up a fantastic birthday setup! Funky Monkey Cakes built the Army soft cap for cake, we brought balloons in Gold and Black and lemme just say...IT WAS AWESOME!

We love our Military Families so very very much. It was more than an honor to do this work for them, it was a calling to serve those who serve the world! This Nation is a blessed and set-apart Nation. My husband is a soldier and we are a Military Family. Our hearts are theirs.
(tearing up)
Here is Iain's Birthday Cake!

My husband created the concept for Iain's Cake and I executed the orders! It was a great teamwork! My husband is a soldier by day and a baker by night. He bakes, I create the art!

The next day we decorated and delivered this Beautiful simple Wedding Cake to a beautiful family. Our customer wanted to surprise her son and new daughter in law with this special wedding cake. Her son graduated from Basic Training today and then married his sweetheart all in one day! The new husband and wife had no idea this was in the works.

I gotta say...I really really love working on surprise cakes! It's so fun and I'm grateful we can help serve our Proud Military Parents!

The work is not over...I'm currently working on sugar details for a fun Diva Cake and a 21st Birthday Cake and lastly some Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes! :)

My break time is just about over, I will upload pics as soon as these next cakes are completed.
Sweet Dreaming tonight-
Iris !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Car, One Dinosaur and 30 Cupcakes...DONE!

Hello WORLD!

Phew! This week Funky Monkey Cakes has done it again!
We have the worlds best customers...right here in beautiful Georgia!

We constructed a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for a lucky 16 year old!

We built a Baby and O'SO-CUTE!

And lastly, we built 30 Transformer Cupcakes...15 Decipticons and 15 Autobots!
The details that went into these cakes is nothing short of love.
We truly love what we do. Pure and simple.
Here are a few pics and if anyone has Q's, then I have some A's!
Contact Funky Monkey Cakes at 706-478-5992
Here's some pics of this weeks creations!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

<3 Busy Busy Busy <3

Hello World,

Well the work is on, long hours, and intense prayer and concentration! :)
We are building a car, a dinosaur, and some Transformer cupcakes! I am really giddy about this cute Dino! A special little boy will be celebrating 1 whole year on this beautiful earth! And he loves PB and J, he loves T-Rex's and he loves BLUE! I just can't say enough, how thankful we are to Heavenly Father for our customers, the work He's place in us and this experience!

Currently we are working on the Chevy and as soon as it's complete, you can be sure we will post some pictures! Keep spreading the word everyone! I better get some sleep for a fresh start tomorrow morning.

Sweet Dreams-
Iris !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're building a Car!

Hello World!

We are totally building a 3D model of a beautiful car!
I'm very excited and happy to be blessed with this cake order!
Tonight we are making the wheels and small details that can be set apart for now.
Tomorrow the real work begins! Delicious baking, sweet frostings, and many hours of artists labor. I'm glad to be doing this work! Please keep them coming and spread the word about FMC!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

16th Birthday Excitement

Hello World....

We have been asked to create a pretty special cake!
Yes, I'm excited! Can you tell?! This is going to be one of the coolest cakes. I think I always say that? Well, every cake we do here at Funky Monkey Cakes is awesome. It will have wheels, it will look fast, it will be delicious and it is going to rock the socks off of the birthday boy and his beautiful family! Typically I won't drop hints until the day are counting down...but here are a few more hints...the real life version of this cake goes "Vroom Vroom"

YEAH-ME! I'm making a car!
Keep posted on all the neat-o details and experiences!
Sweet Wishes-
Iris !

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wedding Cakes, Flowers and Frills!

Good Evening World!
Wow...summer time! A time for flowers and hot hot weather! A time to plan out fantastic summer weddings! FMC has been meeting with some of Columbus' greatest women and men! These Brides and Grooms are pretty amazing people and I feel so blessed to be able to serve them on a HUGE day for them. Soon to be wives, soon to be husbands. WOW!

Upcoming this of the most bright and fun wedding cakes yet! Oranges, Yellows, Reds! Chocolate Covered Strawberries...YUMMMM! I can't hardly wait to build that Beautiful Wedding Cake!

Well, I'm off to beddy-bye! Gotta dream those sweet dreams of frosting, fondant, pearls and swirls....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Optimus Prime Birthday Cake, Happy 4th of July too

Hello World!

Happy 4th of July and Thanks be to God for this land. A truly blessed land. I love my country!

Gratitude from our family to all our Soldiers who serve this beautiful country! Special Love and thanks to my very own wonderful loving husband.

Today Funky Monkey Cakes completed a very cool birthday cake!

Optimus Prime from the movies we've enjoyed lately! This little guy is having his Birthday party and then off to see Transformers 2!

I had to study the face of the new optimus...not the old cartoon character. I think I got close! Here's a picture!..

We have a few more angles of him on our Website!, Our favorite part of this cake is the eyes! In the movie...his eyes glow an awesome bright neon blue. My husband jokingly asked, "So, how are you going to capture the eyes? Those eyes glow on the movie screen." I responded with the usual, "I dunno, but I'm going to try."

TRY TRY AND TRY. Don't give up. My Dad and his wisdom comes to mind in this lesson...He used to tell me, "Anything you do, you have to envision yourself there, envision yourself doing it right, see yourself doing it over and over and over...and do it. Practice makes perfect, but mental practice is more than half the game!" Of course Daddy would tell me this before a big Basketball game, but I've always recall my Father's wisdom in just about every moment of my life. (i love you Daddy!)

I hand piped light blue royal icing on white fondant to recreate the glowing bright blue eyes! In the movie, you can see each tiny blue light, so yes...I sat there and piped each little blue light. What's your favorite part of this cake?(comment on the bottom)

We love 3D orders, so please keep them coming! Gonna have a Barbecue now with my Family! Have a great day yall and happy times!
Sweet Wishes-

Friday, July 3, 2009

3D Cakes, Birthday Cakes in Columbus GA, Fort Benning GA and Alabama

Good Morning World!
Today we are working on Optimus Prime! I know the little boy who will be receiving this cake will be one happy camper! We love creating fun 3D cakes! It makes your event that much more special! A one of a kind creation just for you!

Okay, gotta get back to work!
We will be posting pictures as soon as it's completed!
Sweet Wishes-

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Good Evening World,
AAAh, whata great day we've been blessed to live. It was pretty busy with organizing a few things for some customers. Today we met with Donald and Samantra, future husband and wife to be! All I can say is, WHAT-A FANTASTIC COUPLE! These guys are great and I'm proud to announce Funky Monkey Cakes will be working for them! We sat and discussed ideas for their cakes and I'm TOO EXCITED to build 'em! Gosh I feel blessed to have received this couple. I just learned a few things about myself today...I must be a Dragon Ball Z fan! I was shouting out names and things about DBZ that I didn't remember but somehow it all came out of my mouth! It was in me all along...Hahaha! I do love DBZ and that's the only hint I'm giving you about this couples Wedding! You will just have to keep tuned for the juicy stuff coming up in June, 2010.

The work begins with the leader of the AutoBots! Yes folks, you guessed it, OPTIMUS PRIME! Whata-hunk! (giggling!) Optimus Prime is my favorite character! The leader of the Autobots and last of the Primes. ...Maybe I know to much? LOL! But maybe all that love is what will make the work that much better.

I know the little guy who's going to receive him will be one happy camper! Of course when the work is complete, I will have the pics posted to our website and here too! I better get some sleep now! I pray everyone will have a great night and great morning tomorrow.
Sweet Dreaming-