Saturday, July 4, 2009

Optimus Prime Birthday Cake, Happy 4th of July too

Hello World!

Happy 4th of July and Thanks be to God for this land. A truly blessed land. I love my country!

Gratitude from our family to all our Soldiers who serve this beautiful country! Special Love and thanks to my very own wonderful loving husband.

Today Funky Monkey Cakes completed a very cool birthday cake!

Optimus Prime from the movies we've enjoyed lately! This little guy is having his Birthday party and then off to see Transformers 2!

I had to study the face of the new optimus...not the old cartoon character. I think I got close! Here's a picture!..

We have a few more angles of him on our Website!, Our favorite part of this cake is the eyes! In the movie...his eyes glow an awesome bright neon blue. My husband jokingly asked, "So, how are you going to capture the eyes? Those eyes glow on the movie screen." I responded with the usual, "I dunno, but I'm going to try."

TRY TRY AND TRY. Don't give up. My Dad and his wisdom comes to mind in this lesson...He used to tell me, "Anything you do, you have to envision yourself there, envision yourself doing it right, see yourself doing it over and over and over...and do it. Practice makes perfect, but mental practice is more than half the game!" Of course Daddy would tell me this before a big Basketball game, but I've always recall my Father's wisdom in just about every moment of my life. (i love you Daddy!)

I hand piped light blue royal icing on white fondant to recreate the glowing bright blue eyes! In the movie, you can see each tiny blue light, so yes...I sat there and piped each little blue light. What's your favorite part of this cake?(comment on the bottom)

We love 3D orders, so please keep them coming! Gonna have a Barbecue now with my Family! Have a great day yall and happy times!
Sweet Wishes-


mpcphotography said...

WOW Iris! You outdid yourself! That is an awesome cake & I am sure your clients loved it!!!

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