Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Good Evening World,
AAAh, whata great day we've been blessed to live. It was pretty busy with organizing a few things for some customers. Today we met with Donald and Samantra, future husband and wife to be! All I can say is, WHAT-A FANTASTIC COUPLE! These guys are great and I'm proud to announce Funky Monkey Cakes will be working for them! We sat and discussed ideas for their cakes and I'm TOO EXCITED to build 'em! Gosh I feel blessed to have received this couple. I just learned a few things about myself today...I must be a Dragon Ball Z fan! I was shouting out names and things about DBZ that I didn't remember but somehow it all came out of my mouth! It was in me all along...Hahaha! I do love DBZ and that's the only hint I'm giving you about this couples Wedding! You will just have to keep tuned for the juicy stuff coming up in June, 2010.

The work begins with the leader of the AutoBots! Yes folks, you guessed it, OPTIMUS PRIME! Whata-hunk! (giggling!) Optimus Prime is my favorite character! The leader of the Autobots and last of the Primes. ...Maybe I know to much? LOL! But maybe all that love is what will make the work that much better.

I know the little guy who's going to receive him will be one happy camper! Of course when the work is complete, I will have the pics posted to our website and here too! I better get some sleep now! I pray everyone will have a great night and great morning tomorrow.
Sweet Dreaming-


mpcphotography said...

I can't wait to see the cake!!!! I know it will be amazing! :)

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