Wednesday, July 22, 2009

West Point Cadet's Surprise Birthday Cake and a Wedding Cake!

Hello World !
This is one of the best weeks ever! I would say my week began last Thursday, when we created the Car and the Dino and the week is just getting better! Yesterday we delivered a beautiful surprise cake to a West Point Cadet! His beautiful Mom called us, and you could just hear the love she has for her son. She wanted to give him a birthday party even though she was far away. With the help and wonderful coordination of Holiday Inn, we set up a fantastic birthday setup! Funky Monkey Cakes built the Army soft cap for cake, we brought balloons in Gold and Black and lemme just say...IT WAS AWESOME!

We love our Military Families so very very much. It was more than an honor to do this work for them, it was a calling to serve those who serve the world! This Nation is a blessed and set-apart Nation. My husband is a soldier and we are a Military Family. Our hearts are theirs.
(tearing up)
Here is Iain's Birthday Cake!

My husband created the concept for Iain's Cake and I executed the orders! It was a great teamwork! My husband is a soldier by day and a baker by night. He bakes, I create the art!

The next day we decorated and delivered this Beautiful simple Wedding Cake to a beautiful family. Our customer wanted to surprise her son and new daughter in law with this special wedding cake. Her son graduated from Basic Training today and then married his sweetheart all in one day! The new husband and wife had no idea this was in the works.

I gotta say...I really really love working on surprise cakes! It's so fun and I'm grateful we can help serve our Proud Military Parents!

The work is not over...I'm currently working on sugar details for a fun Diva Cake and a 21st Birthday Cake and lastly some Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes! :)

My break time is just about over, I will upload pics as soon as these next cakes are completed.
Sweet Dreaming tonight-
Iris !


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