Sunday, September 6, 2009

RV Cake, Old Woman Cake and TinkerBell Cake

Good Evening Folks!
We had 5 cakes this week. 1 Wedding Cake, 1 military hat cake, 1 tinkerbell cake, 1 RV Camper Cake and finally 1 3D Cake of a woman made to look waaay past her age. (giggling)
The "Over the Hill Cake" was fun because the customer wanted to make his wife laugh. I'm sure it will be a story for years to come...about the cake she got for her birthday. Here's a pic.
Now she didn't look like this. She is a young and beautiful woman...but her husband really wanted to prank her and make her laugh. We also created a fun RV Camper Cake.

I hand painted the stripes and logo on the cake! My favorite part is the hitch...I don't know why...but it just is. I wanna open the little door and peek inside..but all you'd find is Chocolate cake with Buttercream icing! YUMM! Then there is Ms. Tinkerbell and her friends.

Each little friend is hand created from sugar. They looked so cute on the cake. My favorite part of this cake is the green vines and ivy leaves. So so pretty. I airbrushed the cake in purple and blue to create the effect the customer wanted. I think she picked a beautiful combination of colors...don't you think? I would have posted the other cakes but one of them was a remake of another. Sometimes customers want a cake we've already created for someone else. So there is no need for me to duplicate the photo. All in all...we had one busy weekend. Time to Bar-B-Que tomorrow and enjoy the planned day of fun for the family.


Jenette said...

They all look so great! I think my favorite is the over the hill cake....too funny.

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