Sunday, August 30, 2009

Columbus Georgia Bridal Expo with Funky Monkey Cakes

Bridal Expo and Funky Monkey Cakes!

Good Evening Friends-
Boy o Boy my feet are killing me! (giggling)
Today we visited with some of the best Brides and Grooms out there!
Funky Monkey Cakes was able to share pictures and kind words with everyone who had a question or wanted to learn more about us! My favorite part of the day was seeing our guests reactions once they tried the minicupcakes. We wanted our guests to try Fondant. We normally get many questions about the taste of Fondant and today we brought it to them. We use Satin Ice Rolled Fondant. It is one of the best in America and tastes just so sweet and tender. <--Please click on this link to learn from top bakers about the Satin Ice product that Funky Monkey Cakes uese in all our cakes) I was shocked to learn that some Brides have been told in the past that Fondant is not for consumption...only for the "look". WOW...No..that is not true guys. Fondant is more than just the "look" is delicious and adds a whole new spin on tasty treats. FMC will continue this in our our customers and guests will each have the opportunity to taste what Fondant is like and learn a little more. It's really a great medium and allows for beautiful stunning artwork to come forth in sugar. Thank you for stopping by our booth and visiting with us. We really enjoyed every smile and every hand shake. We look forward to serving you. If you have any quetions, please write or call us!
Warmest Wishes- Iris


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